Strategic Focus Areas

To effectively fulfill its constitutional mandated functions, the NEFC has adopted the following strategic focus areas in the medium term.

Focus Area 1: Maintain
The NEFC will continue to maintain the Reforms in Intergovernmental Financing Arrangements (RIGFA) which were successfully implemented in 2009.

Focus Area 2: Review
The NEFC will review the current intergovernmental financing systems between the National and Sub Nationals through wider stakeholder consultations and targeted studies. In addition to reviewing the intergovernmental financing system, the NEFC is also strategizing to network with local and international research institutions to strengthen its competencies in policy advice to the national government on economic & fiscal policies, both at the national and sub national levels.

Focus Area 3: Develop Policy
The NEFC will continue develop its capacity and competencies to develop appropriate policies on intergovernmental financing arrangements, economic and fiscal policy matters both at the national and sub national levels. This is the core mandated function of the NEFC.

Focus Area 4: Institutional Strengthening and capacity Building
The NEFC will continue to build and strengthen its institutional capacity in the following areas:

  • People – the NEFC will continue to build its human capital through appropriate recruitment, development & training and rewarding retention offerings
  • Finance & Resources – appropriate funding of the NEFC is secured and adequate resources are 
  • Governance, processes and systems – appropriate and effective governance and accountability policies and systems identified, developed and implemented.
  • Stakeholder Relationships – the NEFC will continue to build and maintain effective ‘win win’ relationships with its relevant stakeholder and partners. 
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