Reforms have resulted in a shift between shares of responsibilities with different tiers of Govt

Date Published:
Thu, 02/22/2024 - 08:22

Story by Merolyn Ten of Post Courier (Date: 20th Feb 2024- page 14)


There has been many institutional reforms since 2009 towards the 12 Strategic Priority Areas of the Medium Term Development Plan IV of the National Government.

The Strategic Priority Areas includes strategic economic investment, connect PNG infrastructure, quality and affordable health care system, education and skilled human capital, rule of law and restorative justice, national security, national revenue and public finance management, digital government, national statistics and public service governance, research science and technology, climate change and natural environment protection, population youth and women empowerment and strategic partnerships.

National Economic and Fiscal Commission Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Kennedy Painap said in a recent workshop on Intergovernmental Financing Arrangement Review held in Mt Hagen Western Highlands Province, that some of the institutional reforms have resulted in a shift between shares of responsibilities within different tiers of government or between different sectors.

Mr Painap said some of the institutional reforms the review had looked into were ; District Development Authorities, City Authorities, Province with greater powers (East New Britain, New Ireland and Enga) and Special Purpose Authorities.

“In addition, there are also sectoral reforms that has some impact on the current Functions Assignment Determination (FAD) which have been reviewed are; Provincial Health Authority reform, Transport and Infrastructure sector, rural airstrip agencies and functions airstrips maintenance, the national roads authority and related functions to road maintenance and transport, Department of Works and National Highways and functions related to road maintenance and the National Energy Authority functions related to rural electricity,” he said.

He explained further that the review would have to revisit specific sections in existing legislation, including policies, plan and budget as part of the consultation at the National Level, Provincial, District and Local Levels.

“Some of these laws will include; District Development Authority Act 2014, Provincial Health Authority Act, City Authorities Act, National Procurement Act, Public Finance Management Act, Whistle Blowers Act, Rural Airstrip Authority Act, National Road Authority Act and the National Energy Authority Act,” Mr Painap said.

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