Policy Publications

“The NEFC is mandated by the Constitution of PNG to provide quality advice to the national and sub-national governments on economic & fiscal policy areas. The Commission is also mandated to provide appropriate and sound policy advice on the intergovernmental financing arrangements between the national and sub nationals especially the provincial and local level governments (LLGs). The Commission is aware that good policies must in the end have some good practical outcomes. Policy development at the NEFC is not just an academic exercise but the Commission endeavors to develop evidence based polices that are translated into actions that improve service delivery and quality for all citizens of PNG no matter where they live. This is probably one of the unique roles the Commission performs, firstly as a policy developer/designer and secondly as the public manager, designing and implementing of that policy.

The Commission’s successful experience in implementing the Reforms in Intergovernmental Financing Arrangements (RIGFA) on function grants demonstrates this unique role it plays in policy development and working with the government and stakeholders to implement such policy.

This page hosts some policy documents that the NEFC has developed and including submitted to the National Executive Council (NEC). 

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