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Gov. Rufina opening the Southern Region IGFA Consultation Workshop
Central Governor Hon. Rufina Peter has commended the National Economic & Fiscal Commission and the Department of Treasury for their leadership in conducting the review of the Intergovernmental Financing Arrangement. Governor Rufina Peter made the commendation in her keynote address on Monday 2nd of October 2023, when officiating at the opening of the final leg of the consultative workshop on the review of...
NEFC's IGFA team at NGI workshop
The National Economic & Fiscal Commission has revealed that a total of K7.8 billion has been distributed as Function Grants to sectors at the subnational level since 2009.
Momase Region IGFAR Workshop
NEFC CEO Mr Painap said almost every country in the world today has some form of decentralized system of government
NEFC's ABGCoSS team 02
The dialogue is the Function Assignment Determination (FAD) which is part of the Cost Of Services Study for Bougainville Government being undertaken by the National Economic and Fiscal Commission.
The National Economic and Fiscal Commission is currently taking the lead in undertaking a Cost of Services Study (CoSS) for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville for the year 2023.
Nigel Ainiu on Panel discussions
Transport Infrastructure and Maintenance continues to get the biggest cut from the total Provincial Government Function Grants determination by the National Economic and Fiscal Commission......
Chairman CEO

The National Economic and Fiscal Commission has revealed an increase in the 2024 Function Grants allocation to the Provincial and Local Level Governments.

The National Economic & Fiscal Commission (NEFC), Department of Treasury, together with a Review Committee comprising of twelve (12) key government agencies hereby notify Provincial Governments, Districts Development Authorities (DDAs), Local Level Governments, Provincial Health Authorities (PHAs), Sector Agencies and other relevant parties, that a series of consultation workshops will be conducted to review the current Intergovernmental Financing Arrangements in PNG.

Annual Reports
This is a comprehensive and mandatory report on the Organization’s activities throughout the preceding years.
2017 Provincial Expenditure Review (PER)
Since 2006, the National Economic and Fiscal Commission (NEFC) has been conducting the annual Provincial Expenditure Reviews (PER).
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