NEFC congratulates Officer

Date Published:
Fri, 05/03/2024 - 07:41

The National Economic and Fiscal Commission has congratulated one of its senior officers who recently graduated with a Masters in Economic and Public Policy from the School of Business and Public Policy at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Nigel Ainui, an already decorated Economist was amongst the batch of master’s graduates who graduated from the School of Business and Public Policy at the 69th graduation ceremony of the University of Papua New Guinea.

Mr. Ainui joined NEFC in 2015 as a junior officer after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Economics from the PNG University of Technology now becoming a Principal Policy Analyst with the Organization. Mr. Ainui is also the Project Manager for the sanctioned Government Review on the current Intergovernmental Financing Arrangements being undertaken by 13 key line agencies under the Provincial Local Level Services Monitoring Authority Sub-committee (PLLSMA) chaired by NEFC, and co-chaired by the Department of Treasury.

NEFC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Kennedy Painap said he is proud to have his staff Nigel Ainui graduate with a Masters in Economic and Public Policy. “For me and the Commission, we are happy to celebrate his achievement. “The program is part of my capacity building for the organization, supported by DFAT,” Mr Painap said.

Mr Painap further stated that Mr Ainui's sponsorship was made possible by DFAT. “When I negotiated with them, they agreed and paid Nigel’s tuition fees.

NEFC supported Nigel in completing the study by making sure he attended his studies after hours and met other costs like transport and fuel to make sure he attended classes during the two years of study.

“All the efforts resulted in the successful completion of his master's program. “When I took office in 2021 as the Chairman and CEO of NEFC, I noticed a few areas that I wanted the agency to embark on.  “We developed our corporate plan and we came up with a structure to strengthen NEFC in terms of Research and Development,” Mr Painap said.

“I decided that my staff especially the senior officers must undergo master’s in economics and public policy.  “Currently Nigel is the second officer to graduate under this capacity building program.” Also, under this program, we have three more officers that will graduate next year. “I want to build the Senior Officers so that they take on the responsibility to assist me in managing the affairs of the Commission. “And now I’m proud to see Mr Ainui successfully attained the qualification to assist me in performing my responsibilities in managing the organization.

Nigel currently performs a Principal Policy Analyst role with the NEFC, a team leader role that is currently managing our Sub-national Budgets and Expenditure Unit. “When I took office, the government tasked NEFC to undertake a review on the Intergovernmental Financing Arrangement and Nigel was assisting as the assistant project manager until early this year I appointed him as the project manager managing the affairs of this project (IGFAR)”.

When given the opportunity Mr Ainui surprised Mr Painap with his performances.

“Nigel, I have to tell you, you have surpassed my expectations with your performance”. “Mr Ainui's leadership skills, his management skills, have stood out. “Mr Ainui has demonstrated the qualities I have been looking for in officers” Painap iterated.

“Nigel has done so well in the past years, and I’m happy that his achievement will now help bolster the operations of the Commission going forward,” said Mr Painap.

Meantime Mr Ainui expressed gratitude to NEFC for the opportunity given to him to pursue his dreams of undertaking the master’s program.

“I wish to acknowledge the agency that made it possible for me and the agency that I have served for the last decade, the National Economic & Fiscal Commission, and our Chairman and CEO, Patrick Kennedy Painap, for his support and his continuous emphasis on staff development and need for young Papua New Guineans to be equally qualified to lead important government institutions. I wish to also acknowledge the support of DFAT who were kind enough to sponsor me.”

“My good CEO, Mr Painap your leadership has inspired me to excel and strive for excellence in my field” Mr Ainui responded.

“As I reflect on this academic journey that has led me to this moment, I acknowledge the profound impact that the study of Economics and Public Policy will have on shaping how government interacts with its constituents. “Armed with the skills and knowledge acquired during my time in school, I am poised to make meaningful contributions to society through the constitutional agency that I serve”

In addressing the Commission, Mr. Ainui stated, “Today, we not only celebrate my academic achievement but also the limitless potential that lies within each of us to make a difference in this country, and for that, I encourage each one of us to keep pursuing our dreams knowing that knowledge is truly limitless.

Earning a master’s degree is a tremendous accomplishment and Mr Ainui attributed his achievement to the endless support from his family.  “My academic journey over the past two years has been both challenging and rewarding, especially with the birth of my two children, Aqila and Zion, during this time.  “To my parents, Mum and Dad, your support and prayers have also been my source of strength. “Despite the challenges you faced back home, you stood by me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. “I am truly blessed to have you both here today to witness this important milestone,” he said.

“To my in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Waiwai, I am deeply grateful for the support and care you have shown to me and my family. “To my partner, Rakanao Ilei Mavis Waiwai, and my children, Gemma-Liu A’amiya Aqila Ainui and Wesley Zion Darby Ainui, your love and support have been my rock throughout this journey.  “Your sacrifices and understanding have made it possible for me to pursue my education, and for that, I am forever grateful”.

“I am filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment as I look back on my academic journey. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have shaped me into the person that I am today”.

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