NEFC celebrates Mothers Day

Date Published:
Mon, 05/06/2024 - 08:29

The National Economic and Fiscal Commission took time off from its busy schedule on Friday 3rd May 2024 to celebrate Mother’s Day at the office.

NEFC celebrated the day with a small “kaikai” hosted by the agency for its female officers.

Speaking at this small but significant occasion, NEFC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Kennedy Painap said it’s an important and international event that is celebrated worldwide thus, it is significant that we must celebrate in our office as well.

“I’m sure other offices or agencies are also celebrating the day for their staff who are mothers. “There is a significant importance for us to celebrate the event because the mothers, they work 24hours. “When the husbands are sleeping the mothers are working. “They have only one- or two-hours rest. “And that we must appreciate our mothers,” said Mr Painap.

“Ladies do almost 100% of the work while men only do 10%. “So, men its our responsibility to celebrate this occasion, remember our wives, mothers, and also the important responsibilities they perform,” he added.

“We have to celebrate this event to remember the hard work that they are putting to our lives and also their childbearing responsibility. “Without them we wouldn’t have the population. “We must remember a lot of responsibilities the mothers do. “We know they work from home, they look after their children, they even come to the office-they work in the office and then they must go back home and continue the cycle. “Its a lot of work they do,” Mr Painap iterated.


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