To provide quality independent and objective advice on economic and public policy issues to the Government.



The overarching role of the NEFC is to provide advice to the government on intergovernmental financing.




An infographic is simply a clear representation of information or data in the form of an illustration or visual aid. The National Economic and Fiscal Commission aims to disseminate information to the public in all forms of communication. We understand that the majority of the general public may not be well equipped to fully comprehend the information, policies, studies and ongoing research we publish. Therefore, the NEFC have developed visual guides to help readers understand more of the corporate publications NEFC produces.


The National Economic and Fiscal Commission has undergone a change management process and with it NEFC is looking to integrate with more modern forms of technology to be more involved with the public and aims to make public information more accessible through articles published by media outlets, stories covered on national news and newsletters to keep the concerned general public aware of fiscal policies. The NEFC looks to work with local couriers to help distribute public information for the general census via our website and the numerous articles and newsletters we look to publish.
This is a comprehensive and mandatory report on the Organization’s activities throughout the preceding years.
Since 2006, the National Economic and Fiscal Commission (NEFC) has been conducting the annual Provincial Expenditure Reviews (PER).
Cost of Services Study is an important tool that assist decision-making within the area of fiscal transfers or financial arrangements between different levels of government.
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